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Paso Robles

Tasting Rooms

  • Arroyo Robles Winery - Arroyo Robles Winery
            739 12th Street - 805-226-5454
  • Clayhouse Wines - Clayhouse Wines
            849 13th Street - 805-727-4720
  • D'Anbino Vineyards & Cellars - D'Anbino Vineyards & Cellars
            710 Pine Street - 805-227-6800
  • Edward Sellers Vineyards & Wines - Edward Sellers Vineyards & Wines
            1220 Park Street - 805-239-8915
  • Kaleidos - Kaleidos
            1032 Pine Street - 805-226-2976
  • Kiamie Wine Cellars - Kiamie Wine Cellars
            1111 Riverside Avenue Suite 102 - 805-226-8333
  • Midlife Crisis Winery (now closed) - Midlife Crisis Winery
            1244 Pine Street, Suite A - 805-237-8730
  • Ortman Family Vineyards - Ortman Family Vineyards
            1317 Park Street - 805-237-9009
  • Pianetta Winery - Pianetta Winery
            839 13th Street - 805-226-4005
  • Vihuela Winery - Vihuela Winery
            1307 Park Street Alley - 805-226-2010
  • Wineries

  • Adelaida Cellars - Adelaida Cellars
            5805 Adelaida Road - 805-239-8980
            10am-5pm Daily
  • AJB Vineyards - AJB Vineyards
            3280 Township Road - 805-239-9432
  • Alta Colina Vineyard & Winery - Alta Colina Vineyard & Winery
            2725 Adelaida Road - 805-570-7708
  • Allegresse Vineyards - Allegresse Vineyards
            Highway 41 East - 949-204-7039
  • Anglim Winery - Anglim Winery
            740 Pine Street - 805-227-6813
  • B & E Vineyard/Winery - B & E Vineyard/Winery
            10000 Creston Road - 805-238-4815
  • Bianchi Winery - Bianchi Winery
            3380 Branch Road - 805-226-9922 x21
  •         Sunday 2/14/2010: It was a preview of Spring on Valentine's Day, so we wanted to take a drive. I had seen the website and the pond/waterfall mention, so we thought this would be a good place for a tasting. We packed a lunch and drove out on 46, right on Branch road, and it wasn't too far before we were there. The tasting room/building had a fire going with large couches, and a long bar, along with items for sale and even some snacks (cheese/etc.). They had a table with glasses that had different items in them like cocoa, coffee, anice, etc. to show off the smells associated with describing wines - a very nice touch. The bar was full & the 2 servers were busy, but we had a nice tasting - for the tasting fee, you were able to choose various wines from their tasting menu. After selecting a bottle we had our lunch "pond" side and enjoyed the views of the vineyards, the pond, and the waterfall. The outdoor area had several tables & chairs, and there were several groups enjoying the day while we were there.
    Notes: Our son got a small cup of fish food, and we had fun feeding the koi fish in the pond. There are quite a few!
            Sunday 10/2/2011: It was a warm sunny Fall day (with just a bit of Summer left), and we decided to lunch at a winery, so we returned to Bianchi, because of its waterfall, pool, fish, and pleasant outdoor sitting area. We arrived around 12:30, and we were the only group in the tasting room, and had a chance to chat with the servers. They have guest rooms available, and the building is to the south, overlooking the pond and the vineyards to the north, so something to keep in mind if you want to overnight at a winery. We purchased a bottle, borrowed a glass, opened an umbrella at a table right by the pond, and had our lunch watching the fish, and enjoying the day, the views, and the waterfall. There was also a bocce ball court (that I don't recall from our previous visit), so we played a bit before leaving. By then, there were various other groups outside and in the tasting room. The server had indicated things pick up by 2-3 pm on a Sunday (with Saturdays being the busy day on a weekend).
  • Booker Vineyard - Booker Vineyard
            2640 Anderson Road - 805-237-7367
  • Brian Benson Cellars - Brian Benson Cellars
            2985 Anderson Road - 805-296-9463
  • Calcareous - Calcareous
            3430 Peachy Canyon Road - 805-239-0289
            11am-5pm Daily
  •         Sunday 7/11/2010: We had driven up to Calcareous months ago, knew we wanted to spend the afternoon and finally found the time to return. We packed a lunch and drove up on a warm and hazy day. The tasting room is large and open, and has several tables inside along with the tasting area. There was also food available, and various specials listed on a whiteboard. There were various items for sale including shirts, accessories, olive oil, etc. The outside area had various tables with umbrellas and other seating. We purchased a glass of wine and had our lunch looking at the view - and it is quite a view (I heard 60 miles from someone). You look mostly east and southeast, and can see Paso Robles, Templeton, and beyond. There was also a bocce ball court outside, and the grounds include a grass area, concrete walkways, and even an old truck. Everything is relatively new and well maintained. They have various events through the year, along with music.
  • Caliza Winery - Caliza Winery
            2570 Anderson Road - 805-237-1480
  • Caparone Winery - Caparone Winery
            2280 San Marcos Road - 805-467-3827
  • Carina Cellars - Carina Cellars
            3525 Adelaida Road - 805-886-5079
  • Carmody McKnight Estate Wines - Carmody McKnight Estate Wines
            11240 Chimney Rock Road - 805-238-9392
            10am-5pm Daily
  • Cass Winery - Cass Winery
            7350 Linne Road - 805-239-1730
  •         Sunday 9/20/2009: It was a beautiful Sunday, and 5 of us sat down outside on the patio area, and had a tasting, along with the cheese platter (that matched a cheese with each of 6 wines). The service was top notch, and the experience was very enjoyable. There were several other tables with other groups enjoying themselves, and some other activity while we were there during the mid-afternoon. The view from the outside seating area is of the vines, and a center area which has a horseshoe area, and chairs & tables under the large oak tree.
    Notes: Saw a drawing (posted inside the main tasting room) that looks like they are in the planning stages for a Cass Winery Inn (8 rooms).
  • Cerro Prieto Vineyard and Cellars - Cerro Prieto Vineyard and Cellars
            3432 Las Tablas Willow Creek Road - 805-226-8448
  • Changala Winery - Changala Winery
            3770 Willow Creek Road - 805-226-9060
  • Chronic Cellars Winery - Chronic Cellars Winery
            2020 Nacimiento Lake Drive - 805-237-7848
  • Chumeia Vineyard - Chumeia Vineyard
            8331 Highway 46 East - 805-226-0102
  • Clautiere Vineyard - Clautiere Vineyard
            1340 Penman Springs Road - 805-237-3789
  • Croad Vineyards - Croad Vineyards
            3550 Vinedo Robles Lane - 805-226-9899
  • Dark Star Cellars - Dark Star Cellars
            2985 Anderson Road - 805-237-2389
  • Denner Vineyards - Denner Vineyards
            5414 Vineyard Drive - 805-239-4287
  • Derby Wine Estates - Derby Wine Estates
            5620 Highway 46 East - 805-238-6300
  • Doce Robles - Doce Robles
            2023 Twelve Oaks Drive - 805-227-4766
  • Donatoni Winery - Donatoni Winery
            3225 Township Road - 805-226-0620
  • Dover Canyon Winery - Dover Canyon Winery
            4520 Vineyard Drive - 805-237-0101
  • Dunning Vineyards Estate Winery - Dunning Vineyards Estate Winery
            1953 Niderer Road - 805-238-4763
            11am-5pm Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon
  • Eagle Castle Winery - Eagle Castle Winery
            3090 Anderson Road - 805-227-1428
  •         Sunday 8/29/2010: You drive up to the Eagle Castle winery from Anderson road up a dirt road, and it is quite an impressive sight - the gate itself is quite large (with some very large lights), but the "castle" looks just like that - it even has a large moat! The parking area is dirt, and at the top of the hill, there is no shade. Once past the moat, there were many tables in front patio type area, as you walk up to the massive wooden doors. Once inside, you do feel like you are in a castle! There is a sweeping staircase in the entrance, and off to the right is a restaurant, and the tasting room is to the left. The tasting room is rather large, and the architecture is quite interesting. There were various items for sale, including a refrigerator with wines and cheeses. The tasting bar is quite long, in an L shape. We heard that you can also do your tasting in the restaurant. We almost decided to sit out on the patio and have a snack, but without any shade, it was just a bit too hot on that August afternoon. The view is quite expansive as you look out over the vineyards and beyond 46.
  • Eberle Winery - Eberle Winery
            3810 Highway 46 East - 805-238-9607
  •         Sunday 7/26/2009: Eberle Winery is right off of 46 just east of Paso Robles, and it has a very cozy tasting room, an outside patio area with tables & chairs (with views of the vineyards and surrounding hills), and, of course, the cave tour. There was also a bocce ball court. The tasting room is fair sized, and has items for sale. The cave tour can't be missed, as it gives you a unique view of the wine making and aging process (and will cool you down on a hot summer day!). You also see the private tasting area, and dining area, along with the various activities and special events that the winery does in conjunction with the "cave".
    Notes: The caves themselves are actual tunnels dug into the hillside, and walled with concrete to take advantage of the natural cooling the earth provides.
  • Ecluse Wines - Ecluse Wines
            1520 Kiler Canyon Road - 805-238-4998
  • EOS Estate Winery - EOS Estate Winery
            5625 Highway 46 East - 800-249-9463
  • Falcon Nest Vineyard & Winery - Falcon Nest Vineyard & Winery
            5185 Union Road - 805-226-0227
  •         Saturday 3/27/2010: In trying to escape the crowded winery down the road, we drove up to Falcon Nest, and that did the trick, as we were the only other patrons there during our entire visit. We were able to learn a bit about the approach they use at Falcon Nest, the vineyards, and heard about the various events and dinners they host there. There is a large banquet room right off of the tasting area, and it was very nicely appointed, along with sweeping views of the vineyard & hillsides. The tasting room is somewhat small, but had stools to sit on, which was a comfortable change from other tasting rooms. There were also a few tables & chairs in the tasting area. They had some shelves with pasta sauces, and other jarred items for sale. The wines were all single-grape, but the hostess did a sampling of blending for us, and for a small, family run operation, it certainly had some unique aspects.
  • Firestone Vineyard Paso - Firestone Vineyard Paso
            2300 Airport Road - 805-591-8050
  •         Sunday 8/15/2010: This is a can't miss visit if you stay at the Wine Country RV park, as there is a gate on the west side (north of the dog run, essentially straight west from the pool). You can walk throught the vines up the hill to the tasting room, and it is a beautiful building built at the top of the hill, with a walkway area, an outside waterfall, and outside seating. There is a large square tasting bar in the center of the main room. Inside has a nice feel with lots of wood, and shelves with the various wine packages (like the BBQ tote (2 bottles of wine in a canvas tote)), books, and other items for sale, along with a refrigerated case with cheese, etc.
  • Fratelli Perata - Fratelli Perata
            1595 Arbor Road - 805-238-2809
  • FS Cellars - FS Cellars
            1337 Vendela Circle - 805-226-8989
  • Gelfand Vineyards - Gelfand Vineyards
            5330 Dresser Ranch Place - 805-239-5808
  • Gremark Vineyards - Gremark Vineyards
            5325 Rancho La Loma Linda Drive - 805-237-0154
  • Grey Wolf Vineyards & Cellars - Grey Wolf Vineyards & Cellars
            2174 Highway 46 West - 805-237-0771
  • Halter Ranch Vineyard - Halter Ranch Vineyard
            8910 Adelaida Road - 805-226-9455
            11am-5pm Daily
  • Hammersky Vineyards - Hammersky Vineyards
            7725 Vineyard Drive - 805-338-7813
  • Hearthstone Vineyard & Winery - Hearthstone Vineyard & Winery
            5070 Vineyard Drive - 805-331-6194
  • Hunt Cellars - Hunt Cellars
            2875 Oakdale Road - 805-237-1600
  • J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines - J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines
            6169 Airport Road - 805-239-8900
  • J. Paul Rosilez Winery - J. Paul Rosilez Winery
            4889 Dry Creek Road - 805-226-0550
  •         Sunday 10/2/2011: This is a family run winery right off of CA Hwy. 46 about 5 miles east of Paso Robles, and it is hard to miss because of its position and the way the road dips (near Dry Creek). They are in the midst of adding a sign, so it should be even easier to spot. The outside is well maintained, and the building is a burnt orange with a Sante Fe archtecture kind of feel. When you enter the winery, the tasting room has a high-ceiling and has an open feeling. We had a chance to meet the owners, and chat for a while - we arrived when another couple were leaving, and it being late Sunday afternoon, we had the place to ourselves. This is a working winery that prides itself in their wines, and has quite a varied selection. They source their grapes from a few vineyards, and have a special blend they call the Apothecary that changes each year. Also be sure to ask to try their spiced jams, as they were quite interesting. There were a few tables and chairs outside, along with picnic tables with umbrellas by the grass area to the south, that has a sweeping few of the Arciero Vineyards across the highway.
  • Jada Vineyard & Winery - Jada Vineyard & Winery
            5620 Vineyard Drive - 805-226-4200
  • Justin Vineyards & Winery - Justin Vineyards & Winery
            11680 Chimney Rock Road - 805-238-6932
            10am-6pm Daily
  • Kukkula - Kukkula
            9535 Chimney Rock Road - 805-227-0111
  • L'Aventure Winery - L'Aventure Winery
            2815 Live Oak Road - 805-227-1588
  • Le Cuvier - Le Cuvier
            9750 Adelaida Road - 805-238-5706
            12pm-5pm Fri-Sat-Sun
  •         Sunday 8/14/2011: Le Cuvier is a working winery that was picked by our group because of their pairings, i.e. offering food with the wines being served (we learned a bit about this by our server at Villicana when discussing the "far out" wineries brochure). It is a bit of drive out on Adelaida, but well worth the journey. The tasting room is a bit off the road on a dirt road, and right next to Tolo Cellars. Once there, the simplicity hides the depths of the wines - the tasting room is just a few up-ended barrels in a large warehouse with aging wines by the barrel all around. But as we learned, the winery is a limited production, and soon to be closed to the public. The winemaker does various processes, and extends the aging, or uses unconventional approaches to make for unique & interesting wines. The food pairings changes the tasting process, because it certainly changes the palate, and can add other dimensions to the whole experience. Our server was very pleasant, and we learned a bit about the wines, the winery, and the plans to stay with a limited production / wine club approach. They said they anticipate shutting off the membership possibly by the end of the year, so if interested in this winery, it sounds like you'd better go sooner rather than later. They also plan to move to a new facility closer to Paso Robles, and the winery is under construction.
  • Linne Calodo Cellars - Linne Calodo Cellars
            3030 Vineyard Drive - 805-227-0797
  • Lone Madrone - Lone Madrone
            2485 Highway 46 West - 805-238-0845
  • Maloy O'Neill Vineyards - Maloy O'Neill Vineyards
            2485 Highway 46 West - 805-238-7320
  • Meridian Vineyards - Meridian Vineyards
            7000 Highway 46 East - 805-226-7133
  • Midnight Cellars - Midnight Cellars
            2925 Anderson Road - 805-239-8904
  • Minassian-Young Vineyards - Minassian-Young Vineyards
            4045 Peachy Canyon Road - 805-238-7571
            11am-5pm Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon
  • Mitchella Vineyards & Winery - Mitchella Vineyards & Winery
            2525 Mitchell Ranch Way - 805-239-8555
  • Mondo Cellars - Mondo Cellars
            3260 Nacimiento Lake Drive - 805-226-2925
  •         Sunday 10/17/2010: Driving out on 24th street and heading towards Lake Nacimiento, we ran across Mondo Cellars, so we headed up the dirt road to the top of the hill, where a very nice tasting room and bed & breakfast are located. It was cool and a bit rainy on this mid-October day, so we stayed inside at the tasting bar. The first room was the tasting bar, cash register, and cases of wine & some hats (Mondo Mafia hats) for sale. There were other sitting rooms inside with chairs and tables and seats, and also an outside patio area with chairs, tables, umbrellas. The view is of the valley with trees and the hills to the west. The wines were mostly blends, and currently there are no vines on the property.
            Sunday 10/31/2010: Halloween day started out misty and cold, but by the afternoon the sun was out and it was simply a beautiful fall day in Paso Robles. Having a brief respite in the afternoon from kids Halloween activities, we decided to revisit Mondo so we could enjoy the patio. We brought some snacks for a light lunch, and did our tasting outside. As it turned out, one of the owners was serving, and we had a chance to learn a bit more about the winery. The issue with vines on the property has to do with water, and they are hoping to get that all straightened away as time goes by. He also realized the sun would be too much and was kind enough to set us up with an umbrella. We had the patio all to ourselves, and it was a very pleasant experience.
    Notes: The owner is also involved in an educational foundation The Innacee Foundation
  • Nadeau Family Vintners - Nadeau Family Vintners
            3860 Peachy Canyon Road - 805-239-3574
            11am-5pm Fri-Sat-Sun
  • Nichols Winery & Cellars - Nichols Winery & Cellars
            5115 Buena Vista Drive - 310-904-3061
  • Norman Vineyards - Norman Vineyards
            7450 Vineyard Drive - 805-237-0138
            11am-5pm Daily
  • Opolo Vineyards - Opolo Vineyards
            7110 Vineyard Drive - 805-238-9593
            10am-5pm Daily
  • Oso Libre Winery - Oso Libre Winery
            7383 Vineyard Drive - 805-238-3378
  • Pasoport Wine Company Inc. - Pasoport Wine Company Inc.
            6996 Peachy Canyon Road - 805-239-2229
  • Pear Valley Vineyard - Pear Valley Vineyard
            4900 Union Road - 805-237-2861
  •         Saturday 3/27/2010: We finally found the spot we were looking for that Saturday, as the 2009 built Pear Valley tasting room was very impressive, with views, a large tasting area, and and outside patio with tables. The tasting room had a corner with a large screen TV & some comfy chairs, had shirts and other items for sale, and they even had some grapes & snacks to the side. We were able to choose from a list of wines to taste, and although busy, it was not crowded. After choosing the best from the wines we tried, we took a glass of wine & sat next to the little fountain on the patio, and enjoyed the afternoon and the views. Just up the road from the tasting room parking area, there is a large oak with a picnic table, and it commanded sweeping views of the area from the hilltop. In general, it reminded us of Bianchi, with the new & "fancy" tasting room & pleasantness of the outside seating.
  • Penman Springs Vineyard - Penman Springs Vineyard
            1985 Penman Springs Road - 805-237-2861
  • Pipestone Vineyards - Pipestone Vineyards
            2040 Niderer Road - 805-227-6385
            11am-5pm Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon
  • Poalillo Vineyards - Poalillo Vineyards
            1888 Willow Creek Road - 805-238-0600
            12pm-5pm Sat-Sun
  •         Sunday 11/8/2009: Took Willow Creek to head back to Templeton and Trader Joes, and saw the Tasting sign for Poalillo, so headed up the hill to check it out. The tasting room is just a large out building that is part of the winery with barrels, boxes, equipment, and a table laid out with the current wines. We were the only patrons, and visited with Heather as we had a Chardonnay, Viognier, a Cabernet, and a few estate Zinfandels. We learned the winemaker/owner was over 80 and required a bit of outside pressure to move from growing grapes to making wines, but the results speak for themselves. Very pleasant, and although the tasting room is bare bones, the visit was well worth it.
  • Red Soles Winery - Red Soles Winery
            3230 Oakdale Road - 805-226-9898
  • Rio Seco Vineyard & Winery - Rio Seco Vineyard & Winery
            4295 Union Road - 805-237-8884
  • RN Estate Vineyard & Winery - RN Estate Vineyard & Winery
            7986 North River Road - 805-610-9802
  • Robert Hall Winery - Robert Hall Winery
            3443 Mill Road - 805-239-1616
  • San Antonio Winery (prev. Martin & Weyrich Winery) - San Antonio Winery
            2610 Buena Vista Drive - 805-226-2600
  • San Marcos Creek Vineyard - San Marcos Creek Vineyard
            7750 North Highway 101 - 805-467-9260
  • Sculpterra Winery & Sculpture Garden - Sculpterra Winery & Sculpture Garden
            5015 Linne Road - 888-302-8881
  • Sharp's Hill Vineyards - Sharp's Hill Vineyards
            1085 Ambush Trail - 805-237-2005
  • Stacked Stone Cellars - Stacked Stone Cellars
            1525 Peachy Canyon Road - 805-238-7872
            11am-5pm Fri-Sat-Sun (Sun 12pm-5pm)
  •         Sunday 11/8/2009: Grabbed some sandwhiches at Cregor's Deli in Paso Robles (611 Spring Street), took a right onto 6th street, and headed west to Peach Canyon. The first winery we saw was Stacked Stone, and we dropped in to do a tasting and have lunch. The tasting room is just a bar in a one building of the winery. Surrounded by boxes, barrels, and being served by the proprietor, it still works just fine. The large doors swung open, you can view the oaks and grounds, garden, grass area, and hillsides. Most of the wines were blends, and all very drinkable & enjoyable. We then proceeded outside to sit under the large oak outside, and picnic with a glass of wine (along with one of the 4 friendly dogs that live there lounged next to us).
  • Stanger Vineyards - Stanger Vineyards
            5225 Highway 41 East - 805-238-4777
  • Starr Ranch - Starr Ranch
            9320 Chimney Rock Road - 805-227-0144
  • Steinbeck Vineyards & Winery - Steinbeck Vineyards & Winery
            5940 Union Road - 805-238-1854
  •         Saturday 3/27/2010: It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and we stopped by to see what they had done for the tasting room at Steinbeck's. It is located near other out buildings, and we were able to see harvesting equipment, etc. before going inside. The tasting room was very nice, but a bit small. Our tasting was interrupted by a busload on a tasting tour, and our hostess was taken away to deal with the new group filling up the room. We were able to learn a bit about the family and the vineyard, and after trying the wines, we decided to push on. For red wines (and on a day other than Saturday with less people), it seemed like a good spot, as the family was very friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Still Waters Vineyards - Still Waters Vineyards
            2750 Old Grove Lane - 805-237-9231
  • Summerwood Winery - Summerwood Winery
            2175 Arbor Road - 805-227-1365
  •         Sunday 8/29/2010: The Summerwood winery is a very pleasant winery to visit, as the grounds are very shaded, and the tasting room has very comfortable feel. It is quite large, and had a sitting area, various items for sale and a large tasting bar. Through a window, you could see the fermentation tanks in another large room with subdued lighting, adding to the feel. There were items for sale, and there were 2 tasting options. Outside to the west is a patio area with tables, and to the south is an outside sun-room with stuffed chairs and tables. The sun-room was circular in shape with 2 large french doors, and windows along the rest of the room. You walked through a very tall arbor with grape vines (all with lots of grapes in late August). Across the street (side street off of 46) was the Summerwood Inn - separate building from the tasting room/winery.
  • Sylvester Vineyards & Winery - Sylvester Vineyards & Winery
            5115 Buena Vista Drive - 805-227-4000
  • Tablas Creek Vineyard - Tablas Creek Vineyard
            9339 Adelaida Road - 805-237-1231
            10am-5pm Daily
  • Terry Hoage Vineyards - Terry Hoage Vineyards
            870 Arbor Road - 805-238-2083
  • Thacher Winery - Thacher Winery
            8355 Vineyard Drive - 805-238-2146
            11am-5pm Fri-Sat-Sun
  • Thunderbolt Winery - Thunderbolt Winery
            2740 Hidden Mountain Road - 805-226-9907
  • Tobin James Cellars - Tobin James Cellars
            8950 Union Road - 805-239-2204
  • Tolo Cellars - Tolo Cellars
            9750 Adelaida Road - 805-226-2282
            11am-5pm Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon
  • Treana Winery - Treana Winery
            1585 Live Oak Road - 805-227-2004
  • Turley Wine Cellars - Turley Wine Cellars
            2900 Vineyard Drive - 805-434-1030
  • Villa Creek Cellars - Villa Creek Cellars
            5995 Peachy Canyon Road - 805-268-7145
  • Villicana Winery - Villicana Winery
            2725 Adelaida Road - 805-239-9456
            11am-5pm Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun
  •         Sunday 8/14/2011: We had been to Villicana 3 years ago, and we had a guest, so thought it would be fun to revisit the winery. The most noticeable change was the addition of another winery (Alta Colina) which is up some stairs (above & to the left) of the Villicana tasting room - when asked, we were informed that they use some of the equipment, have their own tasting room, but are a different winery. The Villicana winery tasting room is a high-ceilinged room that has a bar that can have several groups fit comfortably - there are some shelves and other decorations. The winery itself is off to the right, and there is a grass area and some outdoor seating off to the left. There is a fair amount of parking in a dirt area at the top of the hill - it is a pretty sharp left when coming from Paso Robles - you'll see the sign first, so slow down and look for the entrance. When we were there previously, Alex Villicana himself was hosting the tasting, but it being a Sunday, we were informed that they take Sunday's off, but we were served by a very nice young lady, and had a chance to discuss various other "far out" wineries, i.e. Villicana is part of the group that is in a brochure that covers a set of wineries on the west end and a bit of a drive from Paso Robles. The Villicana's tend towards the reds, but there was one white wine being served, and I recall discussing his preference for "drinkable" wines from our previous visit. Being set in the hills, and with trees & vegetation all around, be sure to at least take it all in from the grass area before you leave.
  • Vina Robles - Vina Robles
            3700 Mill Road - 805-227-4812
  •         Sunday 1/23/2011: It was a beautiful sunny January day about 70 degrees, and we packed up some cheese & crackers & apples, and decided to check out Vina Robles (while our Tivo was recording the NFL playoff game). The building itself is huge, with a large courtyard with a fountain, and a large/spread out parking area. Maybe because of the playoff game, there were only 4 other guests there, so we essentially had the whole place to ourselves. The tasting room was large, and had separate areas - some items for sale, some refrigerated items, and a few sitting areas - one with magazines in front of fireplace, and the other in a separate alcove. The room itself was spacious with high-ceilings, and the tasting bar was also relatively large. The other area is a hospitality center/ballroom, and everything felt large (maybe because for the most part we were alone?). Around the center fountain were benches, and then in the covered walkways, there were tables & chairs & other sitting areas. Also behind the courtyard was another sitting area, with more tables & chairs, along with a large laminar flow waterfall. It was a bit louder there because of the water, so we opted for the courtyard. We found a table and enjoyed some wine & our light lunch. I am sure the feel would be different when there were more people, but with all the room, you might not notice..
  • Vines on the Marycrest - Vines on the Marycrest
            5050 Mustard Creek Road - 805-237-0378
  • Vista Del Rey Vineyards - Vista Del Rey Vineyards
            7340 Drake Road - 805-467-2138
  • Whalebone Winery - Whalebone Winery
            8325 Vineyard Drive - 805-239-9020
  • Wild Coyote Estate Winery - Wild Coyote Estate Winery
            3775 Adelaida Road - 805-610-1311
  • Windward Vineyard - Windward Vineyard
            1380 Live Oak Road - 805-239-2565
  • Zenaida Cellars - Zenaida Cellars
            1550 Highway 46 West - 805-227-0382
  •         Sunday 8/29/2010: It was a beautiful Sunday at the end of August, and we decided to do west 46 - we picked Zenaida as a starting point. There is a mostly shaded dirt parking area, and the tasting room is in a large building, that also houses some fermentation tanks (visible through the door while tasting). The outside area has a nice grass lawn, and a few tables. The tasting room was well adorned, and had a tasting bar. Our server was very knowledgeable. There were some items for sale, such as books, t-shirts, etc.


    Tasting Rooms

  • 15 Degrees C Wine Shop & Bar - 15 Degrees C Wine Shop & Bar
            1121 Rossi Road, Suite A - 805-434-1554
  •         Sunday 8/9/2009: This is a wine shop next to Trader Joes just off Highway 101 at the Vineyard exit. It features a wide range of wines & beer from all over the world, and has a tasting bar with knowledgeable staff. There are gifts & wine accessories, and special events & tasting options.


  • Ambyth Estate - Ambyth Estate
            510 Sequoia Lane - 805-305-9497
  • Bella Luna Winery - Bella Luna Winery
            1850 Templeton Road - 805-434-5477
  • Castoro Cellars - Castoro Cellars
            1315 North Bethel Road - 888-DAM-FINE
  • Clavo Cellars - Clavo Cellars
            315 South Main Street - 805-226-0174
  • Donati Family Vineyard - Donati Family Vineyard
            2720 Oak View Road - 805-238-0676
  • Four Vines Winery - Four Vines Winery
            3750 Highway 46 West - 805-237-0055
  • Hansen Vineyard & Winery - Hansen Vineyard & Winery
            5575 El Pomar Drive - 805-239-8412
  • Hidden Oak Winery - Hidden Oak Winery
            4671 South El Pomar Drive - 805-237-9315
  • Jack Creek Cellars - Jack Creek Cellars
            5265 Jack Creek Road - 805-226-8283
  • Jankris Winery - Jankris Winery
            1266 North Bethel Road - 805-434-0319
  • Peachy Canyon Winery - Peachy Canyon Winery
            1480 North Bethel Road - 805-239-1918
  • Pomar Junction Vineyard & Winery - Pomar Junction Vineyard & Winery
            5036 South El Pomar Drive - 805-238-9940
  •         Sunday 10/3/2010: It was a beautiful day with just a touch of Fall in the air - we headed south east, confident we'd find a winery to check out! We settled on Pomar Junction because we've heard about them, and wanted to see the train cars. There were only a handful of people there (2 that showed up on horseback), and we were able to taste and visit with the pourers. The grounds are on a slight hill, with various tables and grass areas to relax in. The tasting room is cozy, in a separate room, with adjoining rooms that serve as a retail store - books, clothing, gifts, etc. There was even a small refrigerator with cheese, food, and even eggs (local, I would assume). We had brought our lunch, and sat right outside the tasting room at a table, and had views of the vineyards and west hills of Paso. The 2 train cars are a caboose and box car, where you can walk through the caboose - it wasn't in great shape, and it isn't clear if they are restoring it, or leaving it be. There are other picnic tables, and another connected building that also had items for sale along with a restroom.
            Friday 10/15/2010: Train Wreck Friday - Event with JD Project live music. (The train wreck fridays run through the warm months - this October one was the last of 2010.) This was an evening event, and quite a contrast to our quiet Sunday visit a few weeks ago. The place was packed. They have a separate entrance to the south that wraps around and had attendants parking people in the dirt/gravel area to the west of the train cars. The event is free for Wine Club members, and $10 for non-members. We received tickets for a drawing (shirts) and a glass of wine. Getting into the tasting room area was a challenge, but they did have an outside pouring area. People had brought their chairs, snacks, and were enjoying the live music. It seemed like all the tables, chairs, etc. were full. There were tri-tip sandwhiches available, and other things going on. We ran into some people we knew, and everyone there was having a good time - a fun event.
    Notes: We learned the home to the west is the residence of the owner.
  • Rotta Winery - Rotta Winery
            250 Winery Road - 805-237-0510
  • Sarzotti Winery - Sarzotti Winery
            180 Bella Ranch Road - 805-226-2022
  • Sextant Wines - Sextant Wines
            Corner of South El Pomar and Almond Drive - 805-542-0133
  • Stephen's Cellar - Stephen's Cellar
            7575 York Mountain Road - 805-238-2412
  • Venteux Vineyards - Venteux Vineyards
            1795 Las Tablas Road - 805-369-0127
  • Victor Hugo Winery - Victor Hugo Winery
            2850 El Pomar Drive - 805-434-1128
  • Wild Horse Winery & Vineyards - Wild Horse Winery & Vineyards
            1437 Wild Horse Winery Court - 805-434-2541
  •         Sunday 8/16/2009: The Wild Horse winery/tasting room is southeast of Paso Robles (near Templeton), with a nice tasting room, and pleasant grounds with some tables and grass. The tasting room has books and gifts, and was a bit on the crowded side with a dozen people tasting & browsing. The winery itself is off the road a bit, and was not really visible when coming from the east (we wrapped around & came at it from the north and east) - the signage expects travelers from the west (Templeton).
    Notes: Our son asked where the Wild Horse was, and the response was that it left a long time ago…
  • York Mountain Winery - York Mountain Winery
            7505 York Mountain Road - 805-238-3925
  • Atascadero

  • Eros Cellars - Eros Cellars
            14490 San Miguel Road - 805-466-0779
  • Creston

  • August Ridge Vineyards - August Ridge Vineyards
            8790 Highway 41 East - 805-239-2455
  • Chateau Margene - Chateau Margene
            4385 La Panza Road - 805-238-2321
  • Santa Margarita

    Tasting Rooms

  • Pozo Valley - Pozo Valley
            2200 El Camino Real - 805-438-3375
  • Wineries

  • Ancient Peaks Winery - Ancient Peaks Winery
            22720 El Camino Real - 805-365-7045
  • San Miguel

  • Christian Lazo Wines - Christian Lazo Wines
            249 West Tenth Street - 805-365-7045
  • Cinquain Cellars - Cinquain Cellars
            6404 Independence Ranch Place - 805-400-5978
  • Graveyard Vineyards - Graveyard Vineyards
            6990 Estrella Road - 805-467-2043
  •         Saturday 10/31/2009: The Graveyard winery is so named as there is a graveyard at the foot of the hill leading up to it. You drive past it as you head to the winery. At the top of the hill, the house is situated near a pond, and has a putting green. The tasting area was outside on the patio, and the coffin leaning up against the wall adds a different type of experience - and being there on Halloween day made it quite fun. There were some tables to sit at below the patio, and the tasting bar was functional, but not anything special. The views are quite spectacular from the house.
  • Locatelli Vineyards & Winery - Locatelli Vineyards & Winery
            8585 Cross Canyons Road - 805-467-0067
  • Pretty-Smith Vineyards & Winery - Pretty-Smith Vineyards & Winery
            13350 River Road - 805-467-3104
  • Ranchita Canyon Vineyard - Ranchita Canyon Vineyard
            3439 Ranchita Canyon Road - 805-467-9448
  • Riverstar Vineyards & Cellars - Riverstar Vineyards & Cellars
            7450 Estrella Road - 805-467-0086
            12pm-5pm Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon
  •         Saturday 10/31/2009: Took a side trip to Riverstar before going to the Pumpkin Patch off of North River Road, and were able to have a tasting with the proprietor. The winery is just to the west of the intersection of Airport road and Estrella, and includes a tasting room and the Riverstar "Ranch" which can be rented. The tasting room was very nice and had shirts, books, and wine accessories for sale. There were tables outside, but no real views except the vineyards & surrounding area.
  • Silver Horse Winery - Silver Horse Winery
            2995 Pleasant Road - 805-467-9463
  •         Sunday 9/13/2009: The Silver Horse winery is a small winery to the northeast of Paso Robles, with a nice tasting room. They are up on a hill, and the tasting room has a high-ceiling, nice bar, with 2 sitting areas. They are a small producer, with very drinkable wines, using varietals, and blends. The grounds are very nice, views of the surrounding vineyards and hills, a grass area, along with horseshoes and bocce ball (2 courts!). There are tables and chairs outside the tasting room, and by the stage/picnic/event area.
  • Villa San-Juliette Winery - Villa San-Juliette Winery
            6385 Cross Canyon - 805-467-0014
  • Seaside - Cambria

    Tasting Rooms

  • Moonstone Cellars - Moonstone Cellars
            801 Main Street, Suite C - 805-927-9466
  • Seaside - Cayucos


  • Cayucos Cellars - Cayucos Cellars
            131 North Ocean Avenue - 805-995-3036
  • Seaside - Harmony

  • Harmony Cellars - Harmony Cellars
            3255 Harmony Valley Road - 805-927-1625
  • Seaside - Morro Bay

  • Aronhill Vineyards - Aronhill Vineyards
            845 Embarcadero Suite F - 805-772-8181
  • South County - San Luis Obispo

    Tasting Rooms

  • Niner Wine Estates - Niner Wine Estates
            1322 Morro Street - 805-239-2233
  • Wineries

  • Tolosa Winery LLC - Tolosa Winery LLC
            4910 Edna Road - 805-782-0500
  • South County - Santa Maria

  • Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard & Winery - Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard & Winery
            3940 Dominion Road - 805-937-8463
  • Kenneth Volk Vineyards - Kenneth Volk Vineyards
            5230 Tepusquet Road - 805-938-7896
  • Paso Robles

    Hotels & Motels

  • Adelaide Inn - Adelaide Inn
            1215 Ysable Avenue - 805-238-2770
  • Best Western Black Oak Motor Lodge - Best Western Black Oak Motor Lodge
            1135 24th Street, Paso Robles - 805-238-4740
  • Budget Inn of Paso Robles - Budget Inn of Paso Robles
            2745 Spring Street - 805-239-3030
  • Courtyard by Marriott - Courtyard by Marriott
            120 South Vine Street - 805-239-9700
  • Hampton Inn & Suites - Hampton Inn & Suites
            212 Alexa Court - 805-226-9988
  • Holiday Inn Express - Holiday Inn Express
            2455 Riverside Avenue - 805-238-6500
  • Hotel Cheval - Hotel Cheval
            1021 Pine Street - 805-226-9995
  • La Bellasera Hotel & Suites - La Bellasera Hotel & Suites
            206 Alexa Court - 805-238-2834
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites - La Quinta Inn & Suites
            2615 Buena Vista Drive - 805-239-3004
  • Paso Robles Inn - Paso Robles Inn
            1103 Spring Street - 805-238-2660
  • Travelodge Paso Robles - Travelodge Paso Robles
            2701 Spring Street - 805-238-0078

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